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Beaded curtains

On October 12, 2013, in Home Improvement, by admin

It is often the most eccentric detail that sticks to our memory and leaves an impression that lasts the longest. That feel of a textile or a spell binding color in someone’s home is what I remember people’s homes by. I often find myself referring to people according to their homes as ‘the one with red sofa’ or ‘the one with designer walls’. The latest to this dictionary of mine is ‘the one with beaded curtains. It was such a refreshing site to see these curtains on a single window in one of my colleague’s home.

She had invited us over for a small gathering for lunch and the bright sunshine coming from her kitchen seemed so alluring. I had to ask her ho w come her kitchen was so bright. She told me that it was all due to the curtain made of colorful beads that she had hung on the window. Not only did the beads reflect off the sunshine most perfectly but also added a hue of color to her otherwise routine looking kitchen. I was wonderstruck with how much difference this little detailing had made to her home. I was happier when she told me that it was her teenage daughter’s idea who was excellent at arts and crafts.


How to break a fever

On September 20, 2013, in Health, by admin

A fever can come down as a distraction in our busy lives. With the mental workload increased in today’s professional and personal lifestyles, we do not have time to always keep the physical aspect running to its optimal state. Thus, they way of our body to put this madness to a stop is often what we term as rise in body temperature or having caught a fever. This state of body often is a telling sign that our body needs rest and a break from the normal hectic or otherwise routine of our lives.

But with the responsibilities becoming non-negotiable, we find that we look for ways to get back to routine as soon as possible. So, if you are also faced this situation and are looking for how to break a fever, you are at the right place. For low levels of temperature rising, you can pop in a paracetamol, easily available over the counter salt that is very effective at tackling fever and is the most prescribed medication for mild fevers. There are not many known side effects except induced sleepiness. With a couple hours rest and one pill, you should be up and running in no time.


Homemade pregnancy test

On September 7, 2013, in Health, by admin

When a woman misses her menstrual cycle and she is sexually active, there are many ways to determine if she is pregnant. Homemade pregnancy test can be the first stage of making sure that she is bearing a child in her womb.

In these tests she needs seeds of barley and wheat, dandelion leaves, a rabbit and a frog. To test if she is pregnant, pour the woman’s urine on seeds of barley and wheat. If they grow over a certain period of time, it indicates a positive sign. Another way is to pour urine to a dandelion leaf and if after sixty minutes there are red blisters that appear it tells that she is pregnant. Vaccination to a rabbit or a frog will also help you determine. Studies have show that the injected urine of a pregnant woman will not kill the rabbit. On the other hand, if the frog will lay her eggs after the injection, it is a notice of pregnancy.

Since using rabbits and frogs is cruel, it is discouraged to use them in testing if somebody is pregnant. It is advisable to buy a pregnancy kit to be used at home or see a doctor for a blood or urine test so that prenatal can be started to ensure healthy condition of the mother and child.


Spanner Wrench

On July 28, 2013, in Home Improvement, by admin

A “wrench” or a “spanner” both essentially mean the same thing. It is a tool used for loosening or tightening fasteners, such as nuts or bolts, by turning them clockwise or counter clockwise direction. It provides grip that adds advantage in increasing torque to the fasteners and allows screws to turn more strongly with less efforts and less possibility of slipping. In America, the tool is most commonly known as a wrench, while the British calls it a spanner, and hence the term spanner wrench is actually redundant. The sizes and edges for these wrenches are also different in USA and UK.

Three are a variety of wrenches in use today, such as the socket wrench, the slide wrench, monkey wrench, pipe wrench, open end wrench etc. to name a few. A spanner, in the US is referred to the type of wrench that has tabs or pins around its circumference. These wrenches are very strong, most commonly made of chrome-plated steel for strength and endurance against corrosion. Among the various types of these wrenches, the C spanner is the most common type of spanner used. It looks like the letter C with its head open. However, to reach nuts in a more confined places another type of spanner, similar to the C spanner is needed called the obstruction spanner, whose jaws have a steeper angle.


Garden Fence

On July 6, 2013, in Home Improvement, by admin

Gardeners of all times had at least one encounter with unwanted wild animals in their lifetime. Keeping the animals out with the right kind of garden fence would be offers the best solution to the problem. Alternate options like repellents and scare devices do work but if you want a reliable, long-term and around the- clock protection your top choice should be a fence.

Moreover, if a person has knowledge about the kind of animals which are most likely to cause trouble he can take the necessary measures. To help him with the search, footprints or tooth marks found in the affected garden could be scrutinized. Or one can also rely on information from nearby gardeners about the commonly found disturbing animals around an area.

The fences can be made using wooden boards, steel wires and frames or even tee posts and plastic mesh. The fence could be made by hand if the area is small or can be bought ready-made. The ready-made fence comes in separate panels and are joined together at the site.

Though the fence is a useful thing it might become hazardous to use if it is not properly taken care of. We also have to be careful about torn or loose panels as sometimes the steel or metal may protrude and might make a nasty scratch on our bodies.


Pocket Door

On June 5, 2013, in Home Improvement, by admin

Pocket doors are doors that slide into a wall. These can add a large amount of space to any home, and they are especially convenient for homes with limited space. They are mainly used in bathrooms and closets, but plenty of people have them located throughout their house. If you are considering installing a pocket door, you must have a wall that can be drilled through its middle. Some expensive cars are even built with pocket doors.

But what do you do when something in your pocket door malfunctions? You have to buy pocket door hardware. You probably won’t find this in your average home improvement store, but this type of hardware is easy to find at online retailers. For an average pocket door lock, you’ll be spending about $20.

If you’re looking for something fancier, you could be spending anywhere from $80-$100 on a lock. You can find door hardware specially crafted for pocket doors at,,,, or Amazon and EBay.

If you’re thinking of installing a pocket door in your home, get to know the parts first. The one downfall to having a pocket door is that it takes a lot of time and effort to replace parts, since the door is hidden along with its parts.



On June 4, 2013, in Tech, by admin

Propane heaters use pressurized gas to function, using a lot less energy than other heaters. Most of them are portable and used in outdoor events or outdoor type buildings, such as warehouses or storage sheds. Propane was first brought about in the 1900s as an alternative source for heat.

Portable heaters that use propane as their primary source can be found in your nearest hardware or home improvement store. Depending on the size, make, model, style, and most importantly; BTUs, these heaters range in pricing. offers many selections of portable heaters with different BTUs. If you’re unsure what brand to go with, choose Mr. Heater. Mr. Heater is safe for indoors or outdoors and have been known to deliver efficient heat in natural disasters, garages, barns, and cabins. A Mr. Heater 18000 BTU Portable Radiant Liquid Heater goes for $139 (off

Believe it or not, there’s more than one type of portable heater. Portable heaters come in the following types: cabinet, convection, forced air, propane tank top, and radiant. Different heaters are meant for different functions. If you ever get the urge to go camping in the winter-time, you’re not crazy; it is entirely possible with a portable heater.